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In Review: Atomic Habits

Author: James Clear

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Shutdown complete.

That is what I say after my nightly routine.

It’s not original, I got it from Deep Work by Cal Newport.

The framework for my habits comes from published works by Darren Hardy, Daniel Coyle, Cal Newport, Charles Duhigg, Todd Herman, Alex Hutchinson, Atul Gawande and now James Clear.

That framework has been hard work, habit building, deliberate practice, deep practice, and checklists. And then after all of that framework, there is James Clear.

In Atomic Habits, the frameworks are strung together and given a formula defining end.

The haters are right, people aren’t amazing, they just follow a plan.

‘Until you work as hard as those you admire don't explain away their success as luck.’ - James Clear

Since you know the formula’s by now, I will spare you the reading list and details.

What Clear brings that I have yet to see was the impact of time and location on habit building.

Use these two techniques to increase your commitment levels …

Implementation Intentions - clearly writing out how you will act has a major impact on your follow through.

I will [behavior] at [time] in [location] …

ie. I will meditate for one minute @7am in my kitchen.

I will study Spanish for 20 minutes @6pm in my bedroom.

Habit Stacking - aka Habit Stringing … build multiple habits that lead into the next ones.

ie. John Doe’s morning routine is like dominos falling, all prepped the night before so he can go on autopilot.

‘The labels good habit and bad habit are slightly inaccurate. There aren’t any good habits or bad habits, there are only effective habits, that is, effective at solving problems.’ - Clear

My biggest oversight in the habit formula for the last five years was not tagging a location to the time and action of the habit I was building, which I will be changing moving forward.

Q3 is almost up. Do a quarterly capabilities assessment and update your checklists to keep progressing.

Until next week-

Love, Ando

Ando McCall