Blowing The Bloody Doors Off [Michael Caine] P71


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In Review: Blowing the Bloody Doors Off

Author: Michael Caine

Length: 6 hrs 39 min

Reco: Meh [4/5 bananas]

On most days, just before 7 AM, my wife and I put the leash on the dog and head out the front door for a walk.  We don't talk much, aside from the occasional beckoning to our dog Boston, 'hurry up, it's freezing'.  She lost her hearing a few years back, so she doesn't move any faster.

The walk around the block is only 15 minutes.  It's not much, but it keeps me feeling like me.

Michael Caine credits time with his wife as the center of normalcy for him, too.  No matter how famous he becomes, his wife Shakira will remind him where the kettle is if he would like a tea.

We should be measured by those things in life.  Do we keep our feet on the ground through it all ...

"A good test of a restaurant is how well it does the basics, the literal bread, and butter." - Caine

Caine holds off from sharing too many stories, instead, he writes about lessons he has learned over 60 years of acting.

Show up on time.

Know your lines.

Don't be an asshole.  Those types of things.

He does share the nuances of acting, but not like a teacher would, more about how it feels.

When you aren't acting, listen to who is, it will strengthen your part.  You are never doing nothing.

Don't be a sober man trying to speak slurred and walk crooked ... Be a drunk man trying to speak clearly and walk straight, that is acting.

For me, I am happy I get to enjoy a simple life that presses hard at work, instead of being a crazy executive trying to have a normal life.

"You're not supposed to blow the car up, you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off." - Caine

For a man who has been acting for decades, I am sure he has plenty of stories.  Even still, he took this chance to share the basic principles of life.

His family was dirt poor.  His friends were dirt poor.  And as a struggling actor, he was dirt poor ... until he wasn't.  He never quit working at his craft.  He would say it is luck mixed in with hard work.

There are articles that praise him, and ones that slay him.  The staying power comes from knowing that the good things won't make you better, and the bad ones won't end you.

Stay the course, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Love, Ando

Ando McCall