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In Review: Perennial Seller

Author: Ryan Holiday

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In 20 years I will be sitting at the table with the most intentional philanthropreneurs on the planet.

The point was to challenge my belief system. If I want a seat at that table, I have to become one of them. This would mean starting a business and giving a lot of money away, intentionally.

By giving myself 20 years to get there, I worked through some key concerns.

  • 1 year was not enough time to even discover the business I need to build.

  • 5 years is two years shy of the average acquisition of a business, so that was out.

  • 10 years would only give a narrow window for failure, and it would have to be the right idea right now.

  • 20 years meant that I had time to figure out what the business would be, learn some skillsets, fail a couple of times, give up a few times, burn some bridges, expand my network, lose my money, lose my faith, lose everything … and still have time to get to that table.

In Ryan’s book Perennial Seller, the focus is on this concept. Asking, where will your business, book or brand be in 10 years? Answering that will help you work through how you approach your next steps.

Ask what won’t change over the next 10 years and focus on that. - Jeff Bezos

Ryan uses examples of businesses and authors to support this concept. What was intriguing to see, was the idea of preparation for what you are going to take on.

He uses what John Boyd calls a Drawdown Period.

When he has a breakthrough idea, he spends weeks just looking at it. Testing if others had already come up with it, identifying possible problems with it, and only after this period ended would he begin his real work on the project.

Think of it as taking a deep breath before diving into water.

Applying this practice to his own life, before Ryan started to write this book in January, he started a drawdown period in October.

This was a key missing piece of my biz dev pie. Concept, strategy, plan … drawdown period … launch. It should be factored in to the process.

An unaimed arrow rarely hits its target. - Holiday

The original idea of journaling for 20 years came to me in December of 2014 … but I didn’t get the formula for it and commit until March of 2015. Without knowing it, I had a drawdown period before committing to the most successful habit I have in my life. I am stoked to make this intentional moving forward.

Today is day 1546 of 7300.

As anticipated, I have lost friends, lost money, given up, failed, lost faith, worked on the wrong things, made bad decisions, hurt people and questioned all of it. But also as anticipated, I am still in full range to make it to that table.

Until next week-

Love, Ando