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In Review: The Alter Ego Effect

Author: Todd Herman

Length: 7 hrs 2 min

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Hey, come in for a second, I want to chat . . .

It was a time of major transition at the organization and I needed to talk to the future leader of the company.

Look, I don't make friends in business, I build professional working relationships.  I do this to protect the company.  At some point, you will ask me to look the other way to cover your ass or the other way around, and I am not going to put you in that position to compromise the integrity of the company.  I am here as a catalyst for your success, but not to be friends, cool?

He understood.  We shook hands and he was off.

Three years later, we are partners in the company.  We keep the business the business, and our personal lives private.

So how do I do it?  The secret is in this book.

Todd Herman has taken something we see every day and spelled out how it works.

“Clark Kent is really Superman's alter ego.  Superman is the real person.” – Herman

Using Superman as an example, he explains that Superman is his real identity ... Clark Kent was created to blend in with humans.  The glasses, his totem.  The phone booth, his place to transform.

Glasses off, shirt rips, Superman is on.

Clark Kent is the alter ego.

So the question I ask, does it detract from his superpower if nobody knows his real identity?

The people Herman coaches are hitting a ceiling.  They usually fail in moments of impact.  When the stakes are high, and beyond their level of confidence or belief.

By creating an alter ego, they leave their shortcomings at the door and reach for more.

Your alter ego is intact.  What you struggle with, is the real you ... if people only knew ... they would go anywhere you won't be.  But, they don't need to know the real you, that is sacred.

Your alter ego will thrive within the lines you have set up for it to exist.  Now nurture who you are becoming, the real you.

“Know thyself.” – Delphic Maxim

As a person, I have been through trauma and very hard times.  I am now using that to fuel who I am becoming ... the person who is writing this blog and succeeding in business ... Ando.

By taking my life offline, I am able to portray what I need to accomplish my mission.  It doesn't change the past, and I can't rewire my brain from the trauma.

I used to think people needed to hear my story, now I know they need to see my actions.  I don't need validation, I am who I am.

Love, Ando

Extra Notes-

A book that gives a deep dive on the power of alter egos is The Game: Penetrating the secret society of pickup artists by Neil Strauss ... It has a lot of sexual content, but the psychology shows this can be applied to anything you could imagine.  ---- I know you are going to buy it now for the sexual content and justify it with the psychology, I get it, and I approve.

Ando McCall