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In Review: The Effective Executive

Author: Peter Drucker

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Which of your 26 books are you most proud of? Jim asked Peter Drucker

The next one! - Replied Drucker at 86 years old … who went on to write another 10 books!

Peter Drucker is synonymous with the term management. His principles and philosophy were like gospel to enterprise leadership.

In The Effective Executive, the focus is on the manager and his priorities. Again, most of it sounds like common sense … but when we look at last months calendar of our recorded actions we find that what we know is often not how we live out our day to day.

“We must not starve our biggest opportunities because we are busy throwing ourselves at our biggest problems, and dwelling on our past mistakes.” - Drucker

To sum up what the effective executive does well, here are three things to keep in check-

  1. Individual think time - During the most lucid time of your day, and may only be 90 minutes.

  2. Chunks of undisturbed time for people

  3. Engage in meetings that matter - standing meetings

Put another way in terms of the business … have time to work through your progressions, time for others to work through theirs with you one on one, and time for the team to work through things together.

As a practice I try to get everything I am working on to occupy around 10% of my mental capacity. To do that requires thinking ahead, planning it out, and putting a lot of energy in upfront.

Once I get through those adjustment periods the above things fall right back in order.

Drucker gives a simple practice to help curb poor resource allocation … use this for real.

  1. Write a list of your top performers in the business [your best people]

  2. Write another list next to it of your biggest opportunities [Where is the company headed]

  3. Match your best people with your biggest opportunities [not your biggest problems]

“Effective executives put their best people on opportunities rather than on problems.” - Drucker

This last week I agreed to take the position of Executive Director at my current company. I listened to this book last month but thought it would be a good ‘stoke the fire’ moment for all of us.

With all of my heart I will use this larger platform to be an effective executive for the people my life will touch. For me, the individuals and the teams.

The mastermind I am launching for non-profit founders is shaping up, November will be our first meeting in NYC. Space is limited, but if you have a founder you want to recommend to attend DM me. Travel, lodging and food will be covered in full. Sep 10 is the cut-off date.

Until next week-

Love, Ando

Ando McCall