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In Review: Ultralearning

Author: Scott Young

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What did I just say to her?! -

Emily was American and wanted to order a pizza in Hungarian, so I helped her …

Fázik a kis lábujjaim [Google it]

She was embarrassed, but we had a good laugh about it later.

I lived and breathed Hungarian, getting me a reputation for learning it in a few months.

Not surprisingly, that is the premise of Scott’s book, Ultralearning.

No matter the complexity of a subject, nearly anything can be learned, you only need the right approach.

So, pick your topic, and let's move beyond basic learning into ultralearning.

‘He who can go to the fountain does not go to the water jug.’ - Leonardo da Vinci

Scott says to set your end goal first, then take a step back before you start learning to gather what he calls meta learning.

Learning what will be necessary to learn what you want.

Think of it like this, before you start to learn the guitar, compile the most effective ways to learn beforehand.

That is the learning that comes before the learning.

So, as I am learning Mandarin, I should have set a clear goal, then taken time to study what the best way to learn the language is. Getting a tutor? Listen on Audible? Duolingo?

Instead, I started with Pimsleur, and then added Duolingo. Despite solid progress, I could be infinitely better had I researched first.

Lesson learned. Meta learning will help create a framework so you stay on track to hit your goal.

‘It’s practically an axiom of design that the best innovations come from working within constraints.’ - Young

As Q4 has been set in motion, I am contemplating what I achieved and experienced over the last decade.

Based off of Bezos’ famous quote, I am asking myself what didn’t change over the last 10 years, and what won’t change over the coming ten starting in 2020.

This time 10 years ago I had just moved back from Hungary after seven years abroad. I had no money, zero credit, and a wife and two toddlers to take care of.

How quickly we forget, but how soon we remember.

Until next week-

Love, Ando

Ando McCall